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What Are You Smoking?

Fire up the grill and bust out the wood chips. Summer is smokin' hot, and we've got a variety of hot smoking projects for your Smokey Joe. What are you smoking?

DIY Hot Smoker, found on punkdomestics.com
DIY Hot Smoker
You can turn that charcoal grill you probably already have into an effective hot smoker. Here's a few tips. (Image via Well Hung Food)
Bacon, found on punkdomestics.com
Everything is better with bacon, and making your own is surprisingly easy. Go with the traditional, or branch out with variations like French ventreche, Sichuan spiced, or made with wild boar or lamb belly. (Image via Eat Live Travel Write)
Smoked Ham, found on punkdomestics.com
Smoked Ham
Brine up a leg and then smoke it low and slow for a tender, flavorful ham. (Image via And Here We Are...)
Canadian Bacon, found on punkdomestics.com
Canadian Bacon
Or go for the loin to make the classic Canadian bacon, more like ham than its American counterpart.  (Image via Smoke Cure Pickle Brew)

Tasso, found on punkdomestics.com
Hailing from Cajun country, tasso is pork shoulder that's spiced and smoked, perfect for jambalaya and more. (Image via A Cookblog)
Pastrami, found on punkdomestics.com
Smoke off some corned brisket or tongue for one of the finest sandwich meats ever made. (Image via Coconut and Lime)
Smoked Sausage
Impart an alluringly smoky aroma to your handmade sausages. (You do make your own sausages, right?) (Image via Hunter Angler Gardener Cook)
Smoked Fish
Salmon is popular, but try your hand at smoking mackerel, trout, haddock, even mussels. (Image via Chefsteps)
Mesquite-smoked Mimosa Chicken, found on punkdomestics.com
Mesquite-smoked Mimosa Chicken
It's like an epic beer-can chicken with a sweet and tipply mimosa inside instead of beer; lovingly smoked over uber-fragrant mesquite chips. (Image via Hillary Starbright)
Smoked Salsa, found on punkdomestics.com
¬°Smoked Salsa!
Make your good salsa great by smoking the tomatoes and peppers beforehand. (Image via A Cookblog)
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