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Eggs Come First

The ultimate symbol of spring, eggs are the harbinger of spring and renewed life. Think beyond the breakfast plate, and use eggs in these interesting and creative DIY ways.

Mayonnaise, found on
Backyard Chickens
For the best eggs, nothing beats freshly laid. You don't need a farm; chickens can be kept in urban and suburban homes.
Mayonnaise, found on
The creamy white stuff in the jar is a pale imitation to the real mayonnaise, an emulsion of eggs, oil, and vinegar. Simple yet elegant, it dresses up everything from fries to spring vegetables.
Curd, found on
Curd is the word! Eggs, butter, and acidic fruit come together in a magically indulgent spread.
Pickled Eggs, found on
Pickled Eggs
Hard-boiled eggs take on flavor and color when immersed in brine. Try it in beet brine for brilliant pink eggs.

Cured Egg Yolks, found on
Cured Egg Yolks
Yolks cured in salt firm up until they can be grated like hard cheese for a burst of umami. Or, cure them quickly in soy for a gooey yolk with a firm exterior.
DIY Egg Dye, found on
DIY Egg Dye
Whether you celebrate Easter or not, making DIY egg dye is a fun and festive way to usher in the season.


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