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9 Ways to Preserve Melons

Sweet, luscious melons are a treat that can only be truly appreciated at the peak of summer, when they're at their juiciest, gushiest best. If you've been overly tempted and have a glut of melons, here's a few ways to turn them into treats that will last beyond summer's steamy days.

Pickled Watermelon Rind found on PunkDomestics.com
Pickled Watermelon Rind
A Southern classic, these sweet pickles are refreshing with meats or alongside cheeses. Don't throw those rinds away!
Watermelon Jam found on PunkDomestics.com
Watermelon Jam
Capture the fresh essence of the watermelon in a jam (or a jelly). A squeeze of lime helps perk up the flavor.
Watermelon Butter found on PunkDomestics.com
Watermelon Butter
Thick and delicious watermelon butter is sort of like apple butter, only melon!
Watermelon Infusion found on PunkDomestics.com
Watermelon Infusion
You know how you can infuse a watermelon with vodka? Well, you can infuse vodka (or tequila or...) with watermelon for the ultimate summery cocktails. Melontini, anyone?

Watermelon Soda
Watermelon Soda
Ferment watermelon juice for a fizzy, refreshing beverage that'll cool down even the most sweltering summer day.
Melon Chips found on PunkDomestics.com
Melon Chips
dehydrated slices of melon (water- or otherwise) renders them chewy and supersweet, almost candy-like.
Chayote & Melon Salsa
Chayote & Melon Salsa
Tangy, sweet & spicy... all at the same wonderful time. Bring on the chips!
Melon Jam found on PunkDomestics.com
Melon Jam
Cantaloupe and other melons melt down to a creamy, juicy consistency in a sweet jam. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!
Melon IPA
Melon IPA
There are traditions of making fruit beers all over the world. Raspberries, cherries, peaches, pumpkins, blueberries: Just about every fruit has made it's way into a wort kettle at some point. So, why not a cantaloupe beer?


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