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15 Ways to Preserve Lemons

Lovely lemons bring a ray of sunshine during the cold, dark winter months. If you're lucky enough to have a neighbor with a tree, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the bounty. (If you don't, be sure to order some fragrant meyers from Lemon Ladies here in the Bay Area, trust.) Here's a bushel of ways to put the lemons by. 

Lemon Marmalade
Lemon Marmalade
Harness the bittersweet flavor of lemon rind and turn it into a sunny yellow marmalade, sure to brighten your morning muffin. But first, make sure you know how to slice citrus for marmalade, for the best results. (Image via Life Currents)
Lemon Jam
Lemon Jam
Lemon pairs nicely with plenty of other flavors in homemade jams: kiwi, red peppers and even onions and oregano. (Image via Autumn Makes and Does)

Lemon Curd
Smooth, creamy and sweet, lemon curd is the ultimate indulgence. Bake some fresh scones to go along with, and you've got a world-class gift on your hands. (Image via Poor Girl Eats Well)
Preserved Lemons
Preserved Lemons
Salt transforms lemons, softening the rind and amping up the flavor volume, in this traditional North African technique. A great way to add a burst of lemony goodness to your dishes. (Image via Eating from the Ground Up)
lemon Salt
Lemon Salt
Mix lemon zest with salt to create a bright finishing salt, or dehydrate the goo that comes from your preserved lemons. It's an instant hit of citric brightness. (Image via My Own Labels)
lemon Confit
Lemon Confit
Slow cooked in their own juices, lemons turn soft, yet still as bright as fresh. Serve these aside fish or chicken dishes. (Image via Snowflake Kitchen)
lemon Chutney
Lemon Chutney
Lemons are a natural for spicy, zingy chutney, bursting with complex spices. It's a sure way to wake up curries, roast meats and more. (Image via Rosemarried)
lemon pickle
Lemon Pickle
Like preserved lemons, salt invokes fermentation, creating a more complex flavor. Potent Indian spices take it to an entirely new level. (Image via Hungry Tigress)
Limoncello is great with both eureka and meyer lemons, a sweet sip of sunny Southern Italy. For something different, try crema di limoncello. (Image via Creative Culinary)
lemon extract
Lemon Extract
Supercharge your infusion with lemon zest and leave it until it's spent, and voilà: DIY lemon extract, to brighten up your cakes and cookies. (Image via Akshayapaatram)
lemon syrup
Lemon Syrup
Mix up a sweet-tart syrup to have on hand as a vitamin C delivery mechanism, or a base for lemonade. (Image via Knit and Nosh)
Fermented Lemonade
Fermented Lemonade
Speaking of lemonade, turn yours into a fizzy, fermented beverage that's good for the gut (and still tastes great.) (Image via From First Principles)
lemon mustard
Lemon Mustard
Lemons are in season and the weather is perfect for a long, slow roast of garlic. What are you waiting for? It's mustard time! (Image via Local Kitchen)
Dried Lemons
Dried Lemons
Dehydrate lemons for long-term storage, and blitz them on the food processor for a tangy powder. Great on its own as a seasoning, it's also marvelous matched with spicy chiles in pico pico. (Image via Cepurina)
Candied Lemon Rind
Candied Lemon Rind
Sweet, tart and fragrant, candied citrus peels add an elegant touch to baked goods from cookies to cassata. What could be more festive? (Image via Life Currents)

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