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Autumn in Italy: Logistics

Autumn in Italy


All European hubs have daily flights to Bologna International Airport. You can fly Lufthansa from Munich or Frankfurt, Air France from Paris, KLM from Amsterdam, British Airways from London as well as a plethora of low-cost carriers and Italian airlines. We will provide a courtesy shuttle from the airport to our meeting point, Hotel Sirena in Cesenatico, about an hour and a half drive from Bologna Airport. Our courtesy shuttle bus leaves the airport at 5 p.m. on Friday, October 11. We highly recommend all trip participants to use our courtesy shuttle to reach the first destination, but train transportation to Cesenatico is possible although not convenient, and car rental will not be an easy option due to the lack of easy drop-off locations.

You may also arrive by train. Bologna is a hub for train service in Italy, and the train station is one free shuttle ride away from the airport, which is located about 5 miles outside of town. 

A shuttle bus will take you back to Bologna International Airport if you plan to leave Italy at the end of the tour. 

What to Pack

Dress in Italy is less casual than in the U.S. Changing in the evening to dressier clothes is considered appropriate. Given the range of activities, we recommend comfortable clothing for the day, such as jeans and business casual tops, e.g., polo shirts and simple blouses.  Evenings are not overly formal; cocktail dresses and suits would be considered overly dressy. Slacks and dressy tops for ladies, and a shirt and jacket for the gentlemen will suffice for all of our destinations. You won't always be able to change before dinner, so clothing that can transition from day to night is best. Bring comfortable shoes for cooking classes and to visit artisan facilities. 

Please note that the weather is typically cold in January, and heating inside is not kept as high as it is in the United states. Lightweight fleeces or wool sweaters to work in the kitchen might be needed, and peeling off layers is always better than not having enough for your comfort. You will also need a jacket/coat when outside.

Electricity in Italy is 220 volts, 50 Hz. Voltage and frequencies are different than in the US, and so are the wall sockets. Pack an adapter plug or a transformer if you bring electrical items. Most computers and cell phones have a built-in transformer, but for other electronics you might need one. To ensure you get the right plug/transformer for your trip, click  here for a list of products.

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