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Enter Your Craft Foods in the Good Food Awards

Enter your craft foods in the Good Food Awards, found on PunkDomestics.com

Updated for 2015

I imagine few among us have never considered taking our passion for food craft to the next stage. Perhaps you've mastered a certain jam, or have a secret recipe for a killer BBQ sauce, or have even conquered the holy grails of cheese making, home brewing or charcuterie. Would you take it to market? 

It's not for the weak of heart, which is why I'm always so impressed by those that do. It's also why I'm a big fan of the Good Food Awards. In their fifth year now, they seek out the best craft foods in the nation, aiming to put them on a pedestal for the world to see (and taste). 

I know some of you in the Punk Domestics community have taken the leap and turned your perfect creations into market-ready goods. And so I hope that each of you will select your finest products and submit them to the Good Food Awards. The entry period this year runs from July 6 through the end of the month. As of Monday, July 6, simply go here to fill out the entry form before August 1.  If you're selected, your product will be up for blind tasting in September. 

There are two exciting changes this year. Normally, each year the Good Food Awards launches one new category. This year, they are launching two. First, Cider is breaking out from the Beer category. Far bigger news is the new Pantry category, encompassing a wide definition of condiments, from dips to sauces and much, much more.

I am also proud to announce that I am the co-chair of the Preserves category this year. This means I will not be judging, but rather managing the judges and the process of the tasting. As noted, the tastings are blind, so I'm afraid I cannot afford any preferential treatment to Punk Domestics community members.

Want to see an example of a cottage food business who's gone on to bring home the gold? Check out my interview with Julia Sforza of Half-Pint Preserves, herself a Punk Domestics contributor, too. Also check out my interview with Dafna Kory of INNA Jam, who also has won.

The winners are announced at a grand gala in San Francisco in January, and a lavish affair it is. I've had the pleasure of attending on the first and third years. It's such a pleasure to see the hard work of these artisans recognized. And it's an even greater pleasure to taste their handicrafts directly. 

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