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DIY Liqueurs for Holiday Gifting

Many people enjoy receiving a bottle of a nice liqueur as  a holiday gift. When it's handmade, it makes it both delicious and personal. Here's a bunch of our favorite DIY liqueurs perfect for gifting. 

Citric Liqueurs:

Limoncello, found on
The classic lemon liqueur of southern Italy is a ray of sunshine during the dark winter months. It's easy to make, too.
Crema di Limoncello, found on
Crema di Limoncello 
Or try this twist on the classic Italian lemon liqueur, with cream and vanilla. The cream mellows the sweetness and gives it a richer mouthfeel.
Arancello, found on
Citrus liqueurs are not limited to lemon. Try it with oranges, be they standard navels or sanguine blood oranges.
Orange Liqueur, found on
Orange Liqueur 
Triple sec, Gran Marnier, Cointreau ... try your hand at making orange liqueur at home, and give your margaritas a DIY zing.
Vin d'Orange, found on
Vin d'Orange 
Vin d'Orange, a bitter liquor made with Seville oranges, is easy to prepare, requiring the mixing of a few ingredients and allowing it to sit for two weeks to allow the spices and orange zest to infuse the wine and vodka.
Whatevercello, found on
Think outside the lemon box and make liqueurs from whatever citrus you like -- bergamots, grapefruits, pomelos, and kumquats all work great.
Grapefruit Bitters, found on
Grapefruit Bitters 
Mix the natural bitterness of grapefruit with spices like pink peppercorn, cardamom or juniper to make an intriguing bitters that enhances many cocktails.

Other Winter Fruits:

Pear Liqueur, found on
Pear Liqueur
The sweet, delicate flavor of pears pairs nicely with brandy, aquavit, and eau de vie.
Apple Liqueur, found on
Apple Liqueur
Abundant apples flavor and infuse booze spectacularly well, especially enhanced with a touch of cinnamon and caramel syrup.
Pomegranate Liqueur, found on
Pomegranate Liqueur
The sweet-tart arils from pomegranates make for a tangy liqueur, delicious in cocktails or drizzled in a glass of sparkling wine for a wintery kir royale.
Cranberry Infusions, found on
Cranberry Infusions
The tart holiday berry makes for a vibrant infused booze or sweetened liqueur. It's cranberry sauce in a glass!

Other Liqueurs:

Irish Cream Liqueur, found on
Irish Cream Liqueur
Enjoy a little DIY Bailey's. It's very easy to make, can be whipped up with easy-to-come-by ingredients, and contains none of the artificial ingredients in commercial Irish creams.
Milk Liqueur, found on
Milk Liqueur
A traditional Azorean liqueur, made to be served around the holidays. Lemon causes milk solids to coagulate, leaving a sweet, yellow liqueur known as o xixi do menino Jesus, or baby Jesus pee.
Candy Cane Vodka, found on
Candy Cane Vodka
Blitz some candy canes in a food processor, mix with vodka, and voilà: A sweet, minty-fresh liqueur that's great on its own or in hot cocoa.
Christmas Liqueur, found on
Christmas Liqueur
Seasonal flavors of nuts, spices and dried fruit make this DIY liqueur the quintessential taste of the holidays.
Spiced Rum, found on
Spiced Rum
Captain Morgan's got nothing on the homemade stuff. Just combine rum and warming spices, and enjoy a festive tipple.
Pimento Dram, found on
Pimento Dram
Dark, rich and spicy, this allspice liqueur is a common ingredient in tiki cocktails, but can be enjoyed as a digestif, too.
Coffee Liqueur, found on
Coffee Liqueur
Enjoy the occasional snifter of Kahlua or Tia Maria? You can make it at home for a fraction the cost.
Creme de Menthe, found on
Creme de Menthe
Homemade Creme de Menthe: Nostalgia overload, but even better than the original memory. An easy, quick gift.
Tea Liqueur, found on
Tea Liqueur
Liqueurs can take days or even months to make, but a simple tea liqueur can be done in just a few hours. Try it with chai, genmai cha, Earl Grey, jasmine green or whatever tea is to your taste.
Almond Liqueur, found on
Almond Liqueur
Or if amaretto is more your thing, try this. Raw almonds, vanilla bean, booze and a little sugar... it is everything you think it should be and more. So simple, yet so amazing.
Chestnut Brandy, found on
Chestnut Brandy
Chestnut brandy is a fantastic present to give someone during these chilly months. You can get away with using a cheaper brandy here so don't start reaching for that special bottle of Armagnac.
Pumpkin Liqueur, found on
Pumpkin Liqueur
The process of making this pumpkin liqueur takes a bit of time, but don't all things that are worth it take a bit of time? The reason why this recipe takes a bit of time to make is because you're making the actual base of the liqueur – condensed milk.

DIY Liqueurs for Gifting, found on

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